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Future-proof your business with 8 strategies. Think creatively and expand your network for endless opportunities.

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JULY 10 @ 1-3:30p ET or 4-6:30p ET
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Looking to take your service business to the next level? This workshop is your game-changer! Say 'goodbye' to overwhelm and 'hello' to a structured approach that tackles 8 key areas. Walk away with actionable strategies to boost your operations and achieve remarkable results.

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Dr. Kenya Oduor

Dr. Kenya Oduor is the Founder and CEO of Lean Geeks, a firm focused on evaluating, defining, and designing complex applications, products, and processes. 

Seven years ago, Dr. Kenya quit more than 15+ years in corporate America to start Lean Geeks. She was confident that her strong expertise and solid network were exactly what she needed to create and build a company of her own. 

During this time, she's experienced bumps in the road and learned the ropes from other entrepreneurs.  She's sharing what she learned with others to help them avoid the mistakes that she made.  

JULY 10 @ 1-3:30p ET or 4-6:30p ET
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