It’s time to commit to defining 
and designing your best life


Let's find your life's purpose together.

Dr. Kenya's remarkable ability to understand people propels them toward self-improvement. With years of experience in industry, consulting, and academia, she guides individuals to uncover their true purpose and pursue fulfilling careers.

Are you stuck in neutral and coasting through life?

If this sounds like you, our system based on the human-centered design framework is the step-by-step solution for gaining clarity and direction.  You will learn how to uncover the strengths, expertise, and passions you possess so that you can apply these untapped skills to a fulfilling career. 

What to expect

Dr. Kenya's comprehensive program leverages the human-centered design framework for personal development.
The FYLP program includes the following benefits and more...

Self paced

Online, self-paced videos covering personal discovery, definition, & design activities.


Worksheets, reflective exercises, & CliftonStrengths assessment and session with certified coach.

Coaching sessions

Live, weekly group sessions. Individual coaching available with Dr. Kenya twice a month for 6- and 12-month intervals.

What My Clients Say

I have deep gratitude for Kenya. She has a beautiful way of framing problems and challenges that allow them to remain as complex as they are while becoming approachable. She can separate product problems from system and social problems, and deconstruct issues without destroying feelings. This is a magical and rare skill. I loved working with Kenya. She brought out the best in me and helped me see my opportunities in my fears. If you want guidance that is insightful, strategic, calm, collected, brilliant, and kind, look no further.
Kate McCracken
I received tech R&D startup advisory and innovation research strategy. Kenya helped me hone in on our service offerings, reframe our marketing messages, and prepare for a grant application. What was most memorable for me was the high amount of valuable knowledge provided, the amount of time I saved, and the service offerings to help us get up and running quicker.
Chantel Perry, D.C.Sc

Find Your Life's Purpose


Use Design Thinking to unlock, envision, and craft your best life.

A guided focus from discovery to design 

Unleash the power of our framework rooted in human-centered design to gather information and ideas and craft a vision and plan for your inspiring future!

Templates and tools

Utilize templates created with your purposeful development in mind.  Use them to keep information organized around your personal and professional journey.

Weekly coaching sessions

Share your progress and insights gained during a weekly live group session.

Online system access

Take notes in your personal online portal. Share notes including ideas and questions with the coach and other community members.

Everything You Should Know Beforehand

When does a 10-week sessions start?

New sessions start on the first day of the month and the Monday on or immediately following the fifteenth day of the month.

I want to join the program, but not sure I want 1:1 coaching. Can I sign up for 1:1 coaching later?

You can definitely sign up for coaching when you are ready. We want to ensure you get all of the support and accountability needed to succeed. 

When will each module be released for viewing?

Videos and exercises for each module will be released on Mondays over 10 weeks. 

If I'm unable to attend a live session, can I get the replay?

Absolutely! Everything is recorded. You also have a personal workspace for taking notes and working through reflection and planning activities. You can also communicate with others in the program through our online community.

What is I change my mind after signing up for FYLP?

No problem. Cancel within the first 14 days after signing up to receive a refund of your payment minus a 15% inconvenience fee. 

Program Overview

Find Your Life's Purpose uses your context, experiences, and goals to create the life you love and can get paid for!

  Assess who you are, your gifts, and your career options
 Define a plan to investigate what you've learned and to explore career options that are a good fit
 Create opportunities to communicate effectively, build relationships and accountability, and identify what's needed to make your dreams reality
 Develop clarity and confidence in your purposeful life and career

Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. 


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