Right problem. right solution.

Project delivery support

Stressed and insecure about decisions that impact the direction and success of the team?
Do assumptions that lack the appropriate inputs guide your team's actions?

Learn to use data to make product and service decisions so you feel nothing short of heroic.

Eliminate project delays and rework

$399 375 per month

Connect with our experts to get guidance on the activities that lead to project success.

Collaborative problem-solving

Bring your biggest project and team challenges during group sessions. Utilize suggestions and strategies recommended by our experts to overcome project challenges.

Templates and tools

Utilize templates for information gathering or management shared by our team of experienced business leaders.

Weekly coaching sessions

Share your progress and challenges during live group coaching sessions that take place 2 times per week.

Online system access

Take notes in your personal online portal. Share notes including ideas and questions with the coach and other community members.

Enhance your ability to create products and services that customers love. 

You will learn how to balance serving as a business and technical team connector with effective communication and negotiation strategies.

Increase your ability to identify and leverage the most effective activities in the following areas:
  • Customer discovery
  • Information synthesis
  • Solution strategy and definition
  • Experience design
  • User experience validation 

Dr. Kenya and her team have extensive experience in product and service organizations as practitioners and leaders. 
They are Pragmatic Marketing® certified, Agile ScrumMaster ®, Product Owner ®, and Lean Experiment trained. 

Get ready to utilize collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving.  This includes gathering facts and supporting data in a lightweight and efficient way.

Everything You Should Know Beforehand

Can I expense my exployer monthly for this program?

Absolutely. Feel free to pay and get reimbursed or we can send monthly invoices directly to your employer. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. This is a monthly subscription, therefore you can cancel or pause it at any time. 

When are the live Q&A sessions held?

Sessions take place two times per week at the same time.  They are held on different days. One meeting is before NOON (ET) and the other is after. 

Can I communicate with the team outside of the live sessions?

Yes. Give us up to 24 hours to respond.  If we can respond via email we will. If not, we will follow up to discuss during a live session. 
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