define your personal brand. elevate your superpowers

Rewrite your narrative

How do others perceive you?  Does it align with how you perceive yourself? 

This live, two-hour workshop involves self-reflection and information gathering exercises for defining your superpower.

Kenya Oduor, Ph.D.

Dr. Kenya's gift of understanding people allows her to usher them into a becoming better version of themself. 

She has extensive experience as a practitioner, coach, and instructor in human-centered design.  She works with individuals to get clarity on their purpose and to define a personal brand for success.

Dr. Kenya is the founder and CEO of Lean Geeks, an RTP, NC based research, strategy, and coaching agendy.

Aaron Thaddeus

Aaron’s mission is to drive creativity and new ideas to their greatest potential.
His empathy and drive for everyone’s voice to be included shapes his management style and creative strategies.
Aaron currently leads the creative efforts of Two Dots Studio, a video, animation and audio studio based in North Carolina. 

What's included?

We will faciliate the creation of a positive and empowering narrative of who you are and the value you bring.
Your visual narrative will serve as a reminder of your unique value and brand. Together we will create your compelling narrative.  You will be equipped with a story of who you are that you will want to own and share with the world.

Gather insights

Unlock your ability to create better content

Reflect and define

Unlock your ability to create better content

Create your narrative

Unlock your ability to create better content

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